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Why Nonprofits Need Effective Database Software

For nonprofit organizations, data is more than just information—it fuels operations, drives impact and sustains objectives. Efficient data management is crucial, and that's where effective database software plays a pivotal role. In this blog, we'll explore t...

How 1.800.REPAIRS Doubled Profits With Caspio’s Low-Code Platform

In the competitive landscape of repair services, standing out amidst the crowd requires innovation, efficiency and a commitment to customer satisfaction. For Kerry Lauricella, CEO of 1.800.REPAIRS, this journey began 25 years ago with a vision to revolutionize...

3 Lessons Learned From Running a Small Food Business

Growing up in an entrepreneurial household laid the foundation for quite a unique journey for my future. When I was in high school, my family started a small confectionary company called Das Foods, selling French salted caramels and exotic sea salts from aroun...

Australian IT Firm Delivers Luxury Loyalty Rewards Programs Using Low Code

The global luxury market, valued at nearly $300 billion with a projected annual growth rate of almost 5%, demands the epitome of excellence, from the products to the services down to tokens of appreciation.    At the heart of the luxury industry lies the ...

4 Essential Low-Code Apps for Startup Success

In many ways, running a startup is not so different from managing a large, established enterprise. Inventory must be tracked. Employees must be paid. Cost and profits should be balanced. Et cetera. But while big companies can afford a four or five-figure-worth...

Build Feature-Rich Web Applications Without Coding Get Started For Free

How AI-Driven Automation Is Accelerating Low-Code Development

The synergy between artificial intelligence (AI) and low-code development is creating a paradigm shift in how applications are built. The advent of AI-powered automation is a revolution that promises to expedite development processes, enhance efficiency, reduc...

The Easiest Way to Publish Databases to Your Website

Thought-provoking content. Eye-catching imagery. High-quality site design. Sounds like everything you need to run a successful website, right? Not quite. That’s only one half of the secret to success. The other half is less glamorous, but no less important: ...

Maximize Your Virtual Reach With Data Syndication

From driving traffic to your website to building brand awareness to sharing your data far and wide, there are plenty of reasons to syndicate your data. Data syndication, or the act of publishing the same database on many websites, is an efficient way to circul...

4 Must-Have Features for Location-Based Apps

With smartphones and self-service platforms dominating today's digital landscape, location-based apps have become indispensable for many mobile users. Whether they're exploring a new city, ordering takeout from their favorite diner or tuning in to the local ne...

4 Metrics for a Successful Digital Transformation

"Digital transformation" is all the rage with today's businesses. In fact, companies all over the world are so committed to their digital transformation (DX) initiatives that global investment is expected to exceed $3 trillion by 2026, with a further five-yea...

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