Caspio’s app builder allows you to adapt an application template to your particular business process or industry without too much heavy lifting.

Take, for example, the task management application template. It offers the basic foundation to track the status, priority, owner, and other data attributes of a typical task.

Task Management App

Using the point-and-click wizards, you can easily change these data attributes to suit a different use case or perhaps an entirely different application altogether. For example:

  • Ideabox – Allow users to enter ideas to be discussed, prioritized, and eventually become tasks.
  • Project dashboard – Add charts or calendars to create a visual representation of tasks by various categories (date, department, owner, project type, etc).
  • Resource requests – Allow people to see upcoming resource needs and requirements based on the task schedule.
  • Bug tracker – Change the concept of tasks to bugs and add more fields related to your QA and release process. Even though the nature of the data is different, the application functionality of reporting, editing and submitting data remains the same.
  • Knowledgebase – Create a searchable repository for users to find the latest version of information and documents.

This list could go on and on if you think about all the possibilities to create niche applications for specific departments and industries. Caspio offers free project consultations to help you define your application requirements and confirm whether you should customize an existing template or create the application from scratch.

If you are looking to create a niche solution you haven’t seen available anywhere, we’d like to help you bring your idea to life. Tell us about your project and a product expert will contact you to collaborate on the possibilities.

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