business-case-for-codeless-PaaS-250No one understands the importance of being agile and responsive better than the business users on the front lines of daily operations. Having a tool like Caspio enables non-technical business users to create custom applications without coding so they can catch opportunities and tackle problems as they emerge.

However, getting internal buy-in for new technology can be a tough battle. Not everyone will see the problem and understand the benefits as well as you do, so some convincing is usually needed.

Here is some “ammunition” you can use to demonstrate the business case for Caspio’s cloud platform to your internal management team.

1.  Meeting the Expectations of IT 

Your IT leaders care most about the security, reliability and scalability whenever a new technology solution is being evaluated. Generally, they are wary of bringing in extra risks or maintenance tasks from unknown technologies that are not yet proven from their perspective.

You can assure them that Caspio has been a cloud leader since 2000 and serves Fortune-500 companies and government agencies among its large global customer base in over 80 countries. The platform can meet the most stringent HIPAA-compliance requirements mandated by the healthcare industry and is available for enterprises seeking the highest level of security standards. Learn about Caspio’s security.

Caspio powers over 500,000 applications, many of which have thousands of active users. Built on the best-of-breed technologies and hosted on Amazon infrastructure, the cloud platform is proven to be highly reliable and scalable. Learn about Caspio’s infrastructure.

Furthermore, having a code-less tool like Caspio helps IT reduce its own workload and backlog by enabling business users to create web forms, reports and custom applications for day-to-day use in a safe and secure environment.

For example, when the lead management system at American Management Association (AMA) proved incapable of handling the growing volume of leads, the organization was tasked to revamp the entire lead-generation solution. With a small IT team and limited development resources, AMA selected Caspio to seamlessly design, integrate and deploy a new system on their website to automate the entire lead generation process. With the new solution, AMA has doubled their leads and cut the processing time by 75%.  Read the AMA case study.

2. Meeting the ROI Requirements

Investing in Caspio will bring you a high rate of return. And chances are that the returns you get from your very first Caspio project will pay for years of the service. By simplifying the complex software development cycle of coding, debugging, hosting, and maintaining, and replacing all of that with a code-less approach, Caspio enables business users to build custom applications with a lower total cost of ownership and therefore gain significant financial returns in the long run. Additionally, solutions built on Caspio amount to a small monthly expense compared to software development programs that require long-term asset capitalization.

One case in point is the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (INDNR). With the tight budget that left little room to hire developers or outsourcing companies, the government agency discovered that they could build web database applications using Caspio. The project has saved an estimated $96,000 annually. Read the INDNR case study.

3. Meeting the Needs of “Problem Owners”

There are two things that “problem owners” – business users who are looking for a fix to solve problems and challenges at work – are desperately looking for:

a. An effective solution that actually solves the problem

b. Fast delivery and easy rollout

Not only is Caspio designed to meet those two requirements, but the platform’s ease-of-use also encourages creativity and new ideas to flourish without the fear of long and expensive implementation cycles.

Additionally, problem owners know that as soon as a solution comes to light, end users will ask for more enhancements and improvements – an area where Caspio really shines. Modifying applications is as easy as stepping through the same visual application building process and the changes can be made in real-time without having to redeploy the entire application.

Take Houston Community College (HCC) for example. They have created a database application to automate the entire class schedule system serving 4,400 faculty at six satellite locations across the Houston area — all of which only took them a few short weeks to roll out. Read the HCC case study.

The next time you need to “make your case” for a new project, we encourage you to share your project goals with us in a complimentary project consultation. We’ll be happy to provide additional information and examples to help you strengthen your business case.

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