In today’s competitive business environment, the importance of a good CRM goes without saying. Many companies invest heavily in sophisticated CRM software and spend a tremendous amount of time and energy on training, integration, deployment and maintenance — only to realize later that pre-packaged software isn’t addressing their critical business needs and is too difficult to customize.

On the other hand, custom-built CRM systems can be tailored to your unique business model and incorporate related functionality to manage products, tasks, feedback, issues, fulfillment, and so on. While you may think that creating a custom CRM from scratch is too daunting, Caspio offers an easy way to help you get started using a light-weight app template. Our Contact Management System has been very popular among customers using it as a basic starting point to explore their requirements and build a functional prototype rapidly.

Based on user feedback, we recently upgraded the Contact Management template to incorporate one-to-many relationships between contacts and activity logs. Other feature highlights include:

  • View, manage, and assign all new leads in a password-protected environment
  • Import and manage an unlimited number of contacts
  • Add unlimited logs to keep a chronological record of all correspondence and activities
  • Seamlessly deploy one or more web forms anywhere on your site to capture leads
  • Easily export the contact database for follow-up activities such as newsletters and email campaigns

Below is a screenshot of the user interface:

Online Contact Management System

If you haven’t already, simply sign up for a free trial and request the app to be loaded to your account.

You’re also encouraged to request a complementary project consultation to review how this template can be customized to meet your exact needs.

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