Recognized as one of the best web technology events in the United States, last week’s Velocity Conference lived up to our expectations. Hosted by O’Reilly Media in Santa Clara, CA, the two-day event was packed with intriguing discussions about all aspects of web technology, performance and operations.

As an exhibitor at the show this year, not only did we showcase the latest innovations in Caspio’s rapid app development platform, we also prepared a contest that posed a bit of a challenge to the developers attending the event.

The Premise

Before going to the show, we created an issue tracking application using Caspio which included authentication for two user-levels, search and reporting functionality, and mobile-friendly design. We also video-recorded the entire app-building process to demonstrate the development time.
Then each person who stopped by our booth watched a quick demo and entered a guess of how long it took to build the app; based on their personal experience but also considering that it was created using a rapid app development platform.

The Results

People gave a wide range of guesses from 1 minute to 3 weeks, with over 70% guessing longer than the actual time it took.

So what was the winning answer? Watch the video and see for yourself how long it took to build.

The top three participants guessed within 2 minutes of the actual time and were awarded some cool prizes – a virtual laser keyboard, a Raspberry Pi, and an iPhone lens kit.

Want to see more rapid apps built in minutes? Every Friday, we host a full-implementation demo showing a different app each week. We also archive the video recordings if you can’t make to the interactive sessions.

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