As government aid shrinks and the demand for services continues to climb, more and more nonprofits are struggling just to make ends meet. This bleak reality forces many to reconsider the way they operate and look to technology as a means to do more with less.

One lifesaving nonprofit technology in particular is cloud databases. From donor tracking to volunteer management, event registration to grant documentation, data is often the lifeblood of nonprofits and the way it is managed can make all the difference for budget-strapped organizations. Online database applications are not only more efficient, but they also streamline processes and communications by managing more activities online.

With a 13-year track record working with nonprofits, Caspio has served a wide range of organizations with demanding data management needs on a limited budget. Using Caspio’s “do-it-yourself” cloud database platform, non-technical users are empowered to create their own custom applications without coding.

While organizations can leverage the Caspio platform in many ways, below are some common use cases that apply to many nonprofits:

1. Create order from chaos by migrating all spreadsheets to the cloud

  • Get all data organized in one place
  • Easy, password-protected access to important information
  • Better decision making with accurate and updated information
  • Powerful reporting capabilities

2. Create a custom donor management system to leverage your constituents

  • Keep better track of your constituents
  • Identify the right people to receive the right message to encourage support

3. Create a volunteer management system to maximize operation efficiency

  • Easy volunteer registration and profiling
  • Volunteering opportunity search by locations, required skills, or any other factor
  • Keep track of volunteer activities

4. Create a public database for grant management to establish accountability

  • Give constituents and the public a clear picture of how donations are utilized
  • Multiple-criteria search by donor, donation recipient, grant type, location and more
  • One-click access to the details of each grant

Other popular applications nonprofits have built using Caspio include:

  • Task Management
  • Events, Workshops, Training Management
  • Feedback, Surveys, Email Campaigns
  • Membership Directories
  • Ecosystems for Service, Charity
  • Community Portals, Forums, Calendars
  • Disaster Response

Caspio offers a 20% discount to qualifying nonprofits and NGOs. Learn more about Caspio’s offerings for nonprofits and request a free consultation today.

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