Among Caspio’s free ready-made applications, the Business Directory is one of the most frequently requested app templates. It allows users to get a business directory application up-and-running on their website in no time.

Once deployed, business owners can register and submit new listings, public users can search for businesses by various criteria, and administrators can manage all the listing information in one place.

In addition to business listings, this app template is often tailored for other purposes based on the specific industry or target market.  For example, a healthcare customer used the online database application to create a network for patients to search for specific healthcare service providers. Other companies have used the template as a baseline for a wide range of directories such as service listings, product catalogs, employee/client directories, partner portals, buyer’s guides, membership systems, and the list goes on.

Using Caspio’s point-and-click wizards, customers can customize the template to their exact preferences and add capabilities such as interactive maps, distance search, social media integration, and more.

business directory

Feature highlights: 

  • Separate user interfaces for public users, business users, and admin users
  • Public users can search for businesses by name, category, location, or other custom category
  • Business users can register and submit new business listings with an associated company logo
  • Admin users can manage all listings and users in one place
  • Application supports unlimited users

The app can be further extended with more functionality:

  • Customize the look and feel of the app to match your branding
  • Display an interactive map for each business
  • Allow users to filter results based on a specific distance from their address or ZIP code
  • Implement Caspio’s SEO Deployment feature for search engines to index database content
  • Use our Professional Services to add a commenting/rating system, or integrate with other systems

This template is free with your Caspio account to use “as is” or customize based on your precise needs.

To get started, simply sign up for a free trial and request the app to be loaded into your account.

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