Let’s face it: custom applications are a competitive advantage in business. Done well, they encapsulate and enforce business processes unique to a company in ways that off-the-shelf applications can’t. With a platform such as Caspio and the easy and cost effective availability of professional services, more business leaders turn to us for complete solutions.

Here are the top six reasons:

1.  No fast food here. Custom applications designed specifically for the needs of a particular company compared to standardized applications are like comparing gourmet food with fast food, or custom-built estate homes with tract homes. They have authenticity and flavor. They represent your business model, business vision, and your culture. In addition, they offer customization flexibility both during development and once your business needs change.

2.  Like a private jet, direct and to the point. Custom applications improve employee productivity because they tend to be less complicated and to the point whereas standardized software is created for the masses and therefore tends to have many features that only a small segment of users would appreciate. But that long list of features means unnecessary complexity which translates to lost productivity for employees who are inundated with them.

3.  Better total cost of ownership. Custom application development doesn’t have to consume your entire IT budget. There are many reasons why Caspio-powered custom applications are more cost effective than standardized software, but let us focus on two:

a. With our code-less (or low-code depending on the requirements) database platform, custom applications are now inexpensive to create and very low cost to maintain.

b. While most standardized software charges per seat, our solutions are priced per usage without seat limit, this alone means huge savings.

4.  Quick turn-around. Our no-code platform means speed of delivery. The typical project is completed 10 times faster than traditional development and usually takes less time than trying to integrate standardized software. Custom no longer means slow, in fact, if you want it faster, go custom.

5.  Of course they are supported. Custom software doesn’t mean that you are left on your own. Caspio-powered custom software is supported for their entire life. A phone call, email or live chat is all it takes to connect to a fully qualified, friendly technical support team member who can help you with any questions or issues regarding your custom software.

6.  Years of experience. Our team has been building custom applications for over a decade. Their experience and methodologies in converting your vision to a finished application can be the crucial differentiator between wasted resources or a successful launch.

The quickest way to implement a custom application is to let us help you and you’d be pleased with the end results and the time and money you would have saved. It all begins with a free project consultation. Let us know when we can help.

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