According to a study by research group Baymard Institute, 28 percent of customers abandon a shopping experience if they feel the website’s checkout process is too long or complicated. An additional 8 percent would do the same if there aren’t enough payment methods available.

It’s clear that customers want their online payment process to be as convenient as possible. That’s why payment integration is one of the many features included in Caspio 15.0, which was recently unveiled at Caspio’s NO CODE 2018 conference.

Here’s what you need to know about this exciting update.

Add Secure and Compliant Payment Processing to Your Applications

With the Caspio 15.0 release, you can now accept real-time payments through your web forms. Caspio now provides built-in integration with PayPal Express Checkout and Stripe, enabling your customers to quickly pay with their credit card or PayPal account.

PayPal and credit card payment integration

PAYMENT PROCESSING: Caspio 15.0 makes it easy to add credit card and PayPal payment processing to your Caspio web forms.

To simplify the administration of incoming transactions, the payment validation occurs at form submission, where errors from invalid or declined credit cards are immediately shown onscreen for the user to correct before the data is submitted to the database.

Another great thing about Caspio’s payment processing is that all the necessary security and compliance safeguards are already put in place for you. First, this feature can only be deployed via HTTPS encryption and Caspio automatically blocks any non-secure attempts to load the payment form. Second, Caspio passes the credit card numbers directly to the payment processor and does not store the credit card numbers in your web database, allowing you to maintain PCI compliance when managing credit card information. Third, Caspio provides an easy way to you to track payment transaction logs in your database, but automatically masks the credit card numbers as a security and compliance best practice.

Note: This feature is immediately available for Grow plans and higher (and former Performance plans).

Automate More Processes and Workflows Using Scheduled Tasks

The new addition of Tasks opens up many more possibilities to implement automation across your applications, reducing manual activities which are often prone to human error. You can create tasks such as sending emails or performing data updates based on a recurring schedule. These tasks will automatically execute at the specific frequency you set, such as hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. You also have the ability to run a task manually by setting the frequency to “On Demand”.

For existing Caspio users, here’s one way to look at it — if you are currently using Triggered Actions and Scheduled Data Import/Export, then you already know how to use Tasks and can start implementing them right away. Enjoy!

Note: This feature is available for Grow plans and higher (and former Professional plans).

Enable Two-Factor Authentication for Extra Account Security

No matter what type of business you’re in, chances are you wouldn’t mind the additional peace of mind you get from two-factor authentication. This feature provides a second layer of security against attempts to compromise your Caspio account.

Built-In 2FA

SECURITY BOOST: Enable two-factor authentication by adding your mobile phone to your Caspio profile.

Once enabled, you will have to enter a verification code sent via SMS message each time you log in, or alternately use Google Authenticator for the two-step verification process.

Note: This feature is available for all plans.

View Search and Results on the Same Page

Caspio now provides an option to display the search form above the results page,  so you can quickly filter data without having to navigate back and forth between two pages.

Create searchable database

IMPROVED USABILITY: Search and filter results all in one view.

Previously, this effect required deploying two different interfaces on the same web page using parameters to pass the search criteria. Now, it’s as easy as enabling one checkbox while building your reports.

Note: This feature is available for all plans.

To learn how to apply these features in your applications, read the release notes.

With every release, Caspio is adding more features that improve efficiency, usability and security. In fact, a solid roadmap is one of the reasons why we were named a “Leader” in low-code platforms by Forrester Research. Want to start building business applications with little to no coding, using a platform that’s continuously improving?

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