It’s no secret that low-code platforms are shaping the landscape of custom application development for businesses around the world. With IT resources increasingly becoming more difficult to secure, more and more tech-savvy business professionals are turning to low-code platforms to create powerful custom web applications themselves. Low-code platforms don’t require users to have any experience in coding, opening new ways for business professionals to overcome their unique challenges. Whether they’re a Customer Service Director creating an application that allows customers to track the status of equipment repairs or an Ecologist building a comprehensive database of endangered plant species, the sky’s the limit for what these business developers are able to accomplish.

If you are a business developer considering to use a low-code platform to solve business problems within your organization, how do you know what to look for? Here’s a quick checklist to help you out:

Low-Code Platforms Provide Easy-to-use Visual Application Development Tools

A good low-code application development platform should give you the ability to develop the components of your applications — like data structures, forms, reports, logic, user management and workflows — using visual point-and-click tools and step-by-step wizards.

Integrated Online Database

Because it keeps track of all your data, an online database is the foundation of your application. You should be able to build a database that is scalable, easy to use and tightly integrated across the platform.

Easy Deployment

You should be able to quickly and easily deploy your application to your own web properties.

Scalable and Secure Cloud Platform

Your low-code platform should have cloud infrastructure that provides enterprise-grade security and allow you to scale your application to your needs.

Flexible User Management

Your custom application should have robust and flexible user management capabilities.

Caspio’s all-in-one low-code platform is packed with powerful features that provides everything you need to start building secure and powerful applications that will accelerate your speed-to-market and boost your time-to revenue. Using Caspio, you’ll be able to capture data, share information and automate business processes with ease.

Caspio combines powerful database platforms with a visual point-and-click application builder and scalable cloud infrastructure. Its strong administrative, technical and physical safeguards protect your sensitive data from hacking and unauthorized access. Caspio also makes it easier for you to expand your application’s functionality because it works well with other systems, such as Zapier, Twilio, Google Drive and Amazon. What’s more, whether your custom application is used by a few people or by thousands, Caspio provides user management capabilities with built-in automation and flexible customization.

Don’ take our word for it! Discover how easy it is to start bringing your business ideas to life with Caspio!

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