In today’s digital market, competition has never been fiercer with all the technological developments and trends emerging from all sides. For your digital business application to deliver the best performance, it’s important to stay updated and embrace advancements that help foster revenue growth, cut costs and improve customer experience.

In this blog, we focus on three top priorities when building digital business applications to achieve overall operational success.

Administering Built-In Security Features to Mitigate Risks

Businesses today are more aware of the potential impact of hacks and breaches to company revenue, yet the pressing need for better security remains. For companies to ensure seamless operations and business continuity, they should retrace their steps and implement basic security guidelines that may have been overlooked, such as encrypting sensitive user data, updating the software or disabling unused software, limiting user’s system privileges and securing all applications that contain cookies.

Developers should also take note of the Open Web Application Security Project or the OWASP Top Ten as it lists common security vulnerabilities of web applications and specific solutions to counter such threats.

Streamlining User Interface to Enhance Digital User Experience

Overall user experience is expected to remain exceptional for a product to reach its full potential, but the saying “less is more” still rings true when it comes to designing a web application. Therefore, when developing an app, aesthetic components must be streamlined to remove the clutter and allow users to focus on the application’s message and functionalities directly.

Moreover, overall architecture and navigation must be logical and easy for users to follow, and information and graphics must go hand-in-hand to support a faster, more intuitive learning experience for your users. Utilizing a grid, which serves as a placement guide, for instance, can help you design and harmonize all the elements of your web app for content to be easily understood.

Achieving Cutting-Edge Performance With Low-Code Development

Shifting to low-code platforms when developing applications is crucial not only for economic reasons but also for overall performance. Low-code platforms also exemplify speed, a significant factor for a digital business application to function efficiently.

Caspio’s low-code application platform enables users to build sophisticated custom web apps in a timely and cost-effective way. It provides the security you need for your web applications as it meets strict data security and compliance requirements, including HIPAA, GovCloud and compliance editions that meet the regulations imposed by respective government agencies.

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