More and more companies are abandoning on-premise hosting of software applications, due to the heavy costs and resources involved in the initial implementation, plus ongoing maintenance and upgrades. Today’s IT leaders are adopting cloud application platforms to reduce upfront investments, eliminate infrastructure and maintenance, and improve security and reliability.

Caspio’s low-code cloud application platform takes it one step further by putting the development tools directly in the hands of end users instead of IT specialists. Because the platform is designed with non-technical users in mind, business professionals can build web database applications using Caspio’s intuitive point-and-click tools — all without having to learn programming or manage complex cloud infrastructures.

Let’s take a look at the top benefits you can expect using a low-code cloud application platform.

1. Economics
Cloud application platforms reduce costs in several ways. Not only do they minimize expensive IT resources, they also eliminate the need to purchase software licenses, hardware equipment, and maintenance plans.

Many Caspio customers have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by creating cloud applications to replace traditional software. For example, the human resources department at Collin College was in the middle of a software rollout for managing faculty credentials, but soon realized the software fell short on many of the promised features. With their 10-year accreditation review deadline only four weeks away, they needed to find an alternative fast. After building a quick prototype application literally overnight, Collin College switched to Caspio and ended up saving an estimated $100,000 in software license fees on their first project alone. Read the case study to learn more.

2. Time-to-Market

IT departments face a constant dilemma as they spend much of their time in “maintenance mode” attending to complex technology environments; all the while IT project backlogs keep getting longer with more requests from business users. Such was the case at the American Management Association (AMA), a New York-based corporate training and consulting firm. As a not-for-profit company with a small technical team, AMA lacked the IT staff and resources to address their outdated lead processing systems.

As the volume of leads kept increasing, the marketing department decided to look for a cloud application platform that could be implemented quickly and alleviate the pressure on their modest IT department. Using the Caspio’s low-code development tools, the team designed a cloud application in a few short weeks and generated immediate results — the number of leads doubled while the total processing time was cut by 75 percent. Read the case study to learn more.

3. Automation

Using Caspio, business leaders can build highly-customized applications to closely match their unique business processes. By automating data management workflows based on how people actually work, Caspio customers drastically improve overall productivity and efficiency across the organization.

At Barnes & Noble College, the inventory department was looking for a cloud solution to automate the inventory management of 750 stores. After comparing a number of cloud application platforms, Barnes & Noble College deployed Caspio-powered applications across all store locations, and has since improved overall data accuracy, tightened inventory controls, and decreased processing times by 50 percent. Read the case study to learn more.

4. Scalability

When a system is built or managed internally, IT managers must carefully estimate the expected traffic and usage patterns before building out the infrastructure — otherwise they may not be able to support peak periods. In contrast, cloud application platforms are designed to automatically scale on-demand during heavy usage.

Take the story of Scott Davis, webmaster at the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. Davis chose Caspio because of its simplified approach to application design, packaged as scalable cloud platform. The agency deployed several high-usage public applications using Caspio and saved an estimated $96,000 compared to hosting them on the state’s datacenter. Read the case study to learn more.

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