Case Study Synopsis

Customer Corporate Cataloguing
Industry Business Services / Consulting
Challenge Needed a globally accessible database to archive 60,000 physical boxes of documents for a large corporate client
Why Caspio
  • Empowers business developers to build applications even without coding experience
  • Provides powerful online database features compared to MS Access
  • Enables users to set up multilevel security for applications


My Name is David Ford. I’m from Corporate Cataloguing in Australia. We do archiving and document management for large corporate customers.

Better Database Alternative to MS Access

Initially, we looked at using MS Access, just a general database to do the project, but we had to serve it to many users across different locations in different offices. I looked around for a way to build an application without any coding experience.

I built an application in Caspio back in 2012, to help me manage the archiving process with 60,000 boxes. The client had no idea what was in those boxes.

By building a Caspio online database, we’ve taken 60,000 actual physical boxes in storage and moved them online, taking that headache away for our client.

Easy, Secure Tool for Digital Data Management

Since then, we’ve evolved our application to handle archiving and document management. We really expanded over several companies for the last five years.

If you look at archiving as a process, you’re taking something that’s hard copy and digitizing it online. I think the best thing with Caspio is how easy it is to use, how quickly I can get our data online.

It was easy for me to build multilevel security. We hardly ever found any problems with data, or with the whole system going down. Our clients never complained that their applications weren’t available.

The Sky is the Limit with Caspio

I really recommend the Caspio platform to those who want to build any kind of application or even just a standalone database.

I’ve been really empowered. It has changed my whole career.

Now I look at Caspio and think, “I can build an application for this.” The sky’s the limit. It’s such a flexible platform.

Build Feature-Rich Web Applications Without Coding

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