Over the past several weeks, a lot of research and news has come out to suggest that 2013 will be a breakthrough year for platform-as-a-service and cloud apps in all their permutations. A recent analysis report signals a major shift towards PaaS starting in 2013. The shift will be signaled by the fact that more non-technical development, or “Citizen Developers” will be part of the application building process going forward. Also, a recent study notes that about 60% of businesses are using, or are looking at using PaaS offerings.

And while application building platforms have been around for some time (heck, Caspio has been in business over a decade!) – it begs the question: Will 2013 be the year of PaaS?

There are a lot of reasons why this could be the case. First, cloud computing continues to become accepted at accelerating rates: businesses of all shapes and sizes are more comfortable with their apps and data being in “the cloud.” Thus, it only makes sense that more business start building their apps in the cloud from scratch.

Also, in today’s business world – change happens FAST. IT can no longer be taxed with both creating and maintaining every application in the organization. And thanks to tools like Caspio – business workers are empowered to build and deploy data-driven apps – lowering the burden on IT.

Finally, in a world made wiser by an extended recession – cost controls are the norm. Rolling out expensive, lengthy packaged application projects are becoming a thing of the past. The present and future will be about iterative, agile development and deployment cycles. With tools like Caspio – you can build apps fast, and change them quickly to keep up with the fast pace of business today.

Caspio has seen amazing growth in 2012. And we are looking forward to helping even more organizations lower costs, speed development time, and create great apps in 2013. Who knows, in 12 months maybe they will be calling 2013 the “Year of PaaS.”

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