In today’s enterprise the responsibilities of the IT department are difficult and complex. SaaS and PaaS solutions offer an alternative for IT departments looking to lower complexity and costs. And, SaaS and PaaS tools are being championed by business users, since they typically require far less technical skill to deploy and customize. However, there are some considerations one must take into account when it comes to data management, depending on an organization’s industry, regulations and compliance, geographic location, or the nature of the data running through the systems.

Some industries, such as healthcare, must comply with strict regulations regarding the location and privacy of their data. Also, many countries have government mandates around where data used and generated by a business resides – for some data cannot reside outside of the country in any form.

Given all of these reasons, Caspio offers two models that allow large organizations to benefit from the power of the platform without compromising their requirements.

Caspio Delivery Models

Caspio comes in two distinct “flavors:”

Standard – Our most commonly used offering is our multi-tenant shared service that is hosted in the U.S.A. in an Amazon Web Services cloud environment. It is the most cost effective way to manage data online and build applications without coding. It is also the quickest way to get started using Caspio. It takes literally only a few minutes to setup an account and get started.

Dedicated– This is an instance of Caspio wrapped up and managed, in the cloud, on a 1:1 basis for customers needing dedicated resources. The advantage of the dedicated environment includes more integration options, choice in which geographic region the data is hosted, exclusive use of resources of the environment, control over scheduled downtime and upgrade times. Dedicated environments also allow you to achieve HIPAA and other regulation compliance.

Each of these implementation models of Caspio has its own benefits and potential drawbacks. An astute IT executive needs to find the balance between cost and control that is best for their organization. And it is always possible to start with one model and migrate to another as needs change.

Ultimately, it comes down to meeting the business need with the right solution. Caspio allows CIOs and other IT staff to quickly build apps, bring data into the cloud for greater collaboration and sharing, and expand data and apps into the mobile realm – all in a manner that works on your terms.

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