According to recent research from Gartner, enterprise business software will lead global IT expenditures in 2014 with an estimated $320 billion spent in just one year. The fact that companies are willing to spend so heavily on business software is largely driven by the belief that their future success depends on it. In other words, they are hoping that the hefty investment will bring better efficiency, more innovation and less cost.

However, when it comes down to the actual ROI in enterprise software rollouts, most companies are flying blind. A huge amount of money is shed in the time-intensive and resource-draining realities of continuous modifications, data management, system integration and maintenance, not to mention dollars wasted in unused software licenses — a stunning $12.3 billion in the U.S.

Looking at typical enterprise IT portfolios sheds even more light on the ROI issues at hand. Most IT portfolios consist of a combination of out-of-the-box software and custom applications coded from scratch. Packaged software tends to be overly complex with many more bells and whistles than really required, while custom-developed projects can be extremely resource-intensive to no end. Costs go up even further when you factor in the time and effort spent on user training and adoption.

So how can companies get out of this ROI conundrum? Fortunately, cloud computing has now matured to a point to deliver game-changing technology while aggressively driving down the cost. Caspio is one of these game-changers.
Caspio’s Platform-as-a-Service enables business users to create custom cloud-based applications without any programming skills or IT resources. The platform’s do-it-yourself model serves as a launch pad for companies of all sizes to build powerful online database applications for both front and back offices.

Caspio offers many benefits to help boost ROI, and here are just a few:

  • Custom Apps that Fit User Needs— Using Caspio, end users can easily create applications tailored to their specific requirements without relying on IT, administrators or software consultants. Custom-built solutions give users exactly what they need to get the job done, without any of the unnecessary complexities that come with packaged software.
  • Smarter Solutions at a Fraction of Cost — Traditional development projects are complicated, expensive and time-consuming. On the contrary, Caspio is a proven rapid application development platform that reduces the time-to-market by at least 10 times and cuts huge development costs to a small monthly subscription.
  • A Platform for Everybody — App development used to be a privilege for just techies within the well-guarded territory of IT departments. Caspio changes that by enabling employees working for any business unit to build their own apps within a secure and managed framework. Below are some typical use cases, but the possibilities are endless.
    • Sales and Marketing — CRM, lead generation, order management, polls and surveys
    • Customer Service — Ticketing systems, knowledgebase, help desk
    • Human Resources — Recruiting systems, vacation requests, workforce management
    • Business Operations — Project management, task management, resource scheduling

By handing a powerful tool like Caspio to the people, you are introducing new levels of productivity and agility to the organization – while at the same time reducing software costs and IT backlogs. And if you are too busy to build it yourself, Caspio’s Professional Services team is always here to help you deliver the next project on time and on budget.

Get started today by requesting a free project consultation, or sign up for a trial account to try the platform for yourself.

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