Productivity is crucial to the health and success of any organization, which is why smart executives relentlessly strive to improve processes and the productivity of their employees.

Productivity drives growth, and growth is always on top of every company’s agenda.

Technology can make a huge difference when it comes to improving productivity and delivering results. Utilizing the right technology and tools can help companies boost productivity and bring operation efficiency to a new level.

There are a wide range of innovative technologies for enterprise CIOs to consider. Among the various options, CIOs have prioritized three categories of technology tools critical to their companies, according to a Gartner’s 2013 Global CIO Survey:  business intelligence, mobile technologies and cloud computing.

Out of these three, cloud computing– especially cloud Business Productivity Platform— stands out for the extraordinary, productivity-enhancing advantages it offers to companies, including easier data sharing across the organization, DIY forms and reports, and faster rollout of web and mobile applications, just to name a few. Furthermore, it serves as the foundation on which companies can expand and explore business intelligence and mobility.

As a cloud pioneer founded in 2000, Caspio provides enterprises with a powerful productivity tool that allows business users to build custom online databases and applications fast and without programming within a secure and reliable environment.

Below are some of the immediate benefits companies can enjoy once they integrate Caspio into their arsenal of cloud computing tools.

For Business Users

  • Empowerment: Non-technical business users can now manage data easily, as well as build and operate custom web and mobile apps.
  • Fast time-to-market: Creating an app takes only hours and days instead of weeks and months.
  • Ready-made apps: Business users can choose from a library of ready-to-use apps.
  • Easily accessible support: World-class service including live support, onboarding, app reviews, hands-on training, project consultation and professional services.
  • Innovative pricing plan: Entirely usage-based, with no limit on users, storage, apps, and more.

For IT Operations

  • Minimal Maintenance: Caspio-powered applications involve no code. They are stored as metadata and rendered in real-time, making them future-proof.
  • Infrastructure on tap: Eliminates the need to invest and plan for peak times. Resources can grow as demands evolve.
  • Secure: Caspio provides built-in enterprise-grade security at every layer.
  • Easy integration: The Caspio platform is standards-based, making all Caspio-powered apps easy to integrate with legacy and other cloud solutions.
  • Service Flexibility: Enterprises can choose between cloud service and on-premise installation.
  • Global Data Sites: Customers can choose to host their data and apps closer to their users for optimized performance and compliance within local data privacy laws.

Furthermore, Caspio replaces upfront capital investments with a modest monthly expense.

The long-term benefits companies can gain from Caspio are immense. The real strength of the Caspio platform stems from the way in which it helps the entire workforce unlock the power of data and make it available to those who need it. It also empowers employees by enabling them to bring their creative ideas to life and gives enterprises one of the most rapid-fire ways to seize market opportunities before competitors. Once a department in an organization starts using Caspio, it’s not long before other departments notice its impact and follow the lead. With Caspio, companies can ultimately create a fully-integrated environment where all processes are automated harmoniously across the organization.

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