To ensure that all of our customers experience a smooth transition to the new Caspio 8.0 platform, we are sharing some details regarding the rollout plan.

Throughout the release process, we will be updating this blog page and our Service Status Twitter feed.

Schedule Details
Wednesday, Nov 6 Version 8.0 was released to Site 5 as scheduled. All customers will see a new login screen until their Site is upgraded.
Friday, Nov 8 Version 8.0 was released to Site 8 (EU1) as scheduled.
Friday, Nov 8 Version 8.0 was released to Site 4 and Site 9 (SA1) as scheduled.
Saturday, Nov 16 Version 8.0 was released to Site 2, Site 3 and Site 7 (AU1) as scheduled.
Tues, Nov 19 Version 8.0 was released to Site 1 and Site 6 as scheduled.

The Caspio 8.0 Upgrade is now complete! Please tell us your feedback.

Release Plan Announcement

Caspio-release-update-featureThe Caspio team is eager with anticipation and excitement as we wrap up the release of Caspio 8.0. This major upgrade has been in the works for some time, and we are now ready to bring it live.

The upgrade will be released to all customers over a period of 7 to 10 days, one Caspio site at a time, starting as early as next week. Customers will receive advance email notifications as soon as their particular site is scheduled for upgrade.

Once the first site upgrade begins, all users will notice the following changes regardless of whether your account is upgraded yet:

1. A new login interface will appear when you access your account.


2.   You will not be able to make changes to your plan until your account is upgraded. If you have immediate needs to change your plan, we recommend you take action now or contact Caspio.

3.   Ready-made applications will not be available during the rollout period.

We expect a smooth upgrade process. All of your deployed applications will continue to operate normally during and after the rollout period. There will be some scheduled downtime for all customers, the details of which will be emailed 48 hours in advance.

For trial account users, please note that your account will also be upgraded and all your data and applications will be preserved. You will receive email notifications before and after the upgrade.

Finally, we would like to thank all of our beta users who have provided product feedback and insights. Your participation was invaluable and greatly improved the quality of this release.

The Caspio Team

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