Time limits are surprisingly effective at motivating users to complete a web form. Adding a timeout script increases the sense of urgency and commitment to finish your form within the allowed time. A time limit also encourages candid first impressions or “off-the-cuff” opinions in surveys, polls, quizzes, and feedback forms.

This week’s Tech Tip shows how easy it is to add a timeout script to web forms powered by Caspio. Using an HTML5 script, you can quickly display a timeout clock that automatically submits the form when time runs out.
Tech Tip: Add a Timeout Script to Web Forms
This timeout script is a great introduction to HTML5 as an alternative to JavaScript. Using the quintessential HTML5 “canvas” to communicate the time remaining, you utilize a cutting-edge web technique while motivating your users to send you information quickly.

Read the article for step-by-step instructions:
Tech Tip: Add a Timeout Script to Web Forms

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