Localization isn’t just about different languages. This week’s Tech Tip shows you how to customize your web application localization to ensure a more positive user experience.

Caspio’s localization wizard allows you to uniquely tailor how your web applications communicate with your end users. In addition to regional settings for numeric, currency and date formats, the default messages can be easily customized using plain text or HTML.

Tech Tip: Improve Web Application Usability with Localization

Not only can you change the message wording, but you can also add graphics and links to improve your overall application usability.

  • Offer next steps like “Search Again” or “New Record” when no records are found.
  • Avoid “dead-ends” – any page that forces the user to press the Back button.
  • Enhance the overall user experience with buttons and graphics.

The Tech Tip provides sample code snippets to help you customize your application localization.

Start localizing your web applications today:
Tech Tip: Customize Localizations to Improve Usability

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