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Every location has a latitude and longitude, also called geocode. If you have a database that contains addresses, having goecodes of the addresses gives you capabilities that are otherwise either not available or not optimized.

We have just released a tutorial that shows you how you can geocode address submissions that are entered into your table via a web form. Once you apply the instructions to your web form, every new submission is automatically enhanced with precise geolocation data and all is stored in your secure online database.

With godecoded databases you can:

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The results could add great usability to your apps. Your customers and employees can find your store or other business locations easier, get driving directions, know the distance between themselves and key locations, and more.

The new tutorial shows you how individual submission can be geocoded automatically. We also offer a geocoding service for all your existing databases.

We hope you enjoy this new tutorial. If you’d like to start building location-aware apps for your web site – start a free trial of Caspio today.

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