Create Location-Based Applications

A Toolset for Location-Based Features in Your Applications

Caspio provides you with a number of features and services that can help you build powerful location-based applications. These features include proximity search, data geocoding, map integration and device GPS reading.

Proximity Search

Proximity search, also called search by distance, allows you to create ad-hoc search in your application where the user can filter data records based on proximity and sort the results by distance. We offer a free ready-made Store Locator application that can be used as-is, or modified to your exact needs. Contact Caspio Sales to learn more.

Data Geocoding

Geo-coded data includes the latitude and longitude of each address. This information is critical for better accuracy in proximity searches and faster plotting of addresses on maps. Caspio provides a geocoding service for addresses in the United States, as well as for several other regions of the world. Request a project consultation for more information.

Map Integration

Caspio provides step-by-step instructions on how to add Google Maps to your applications. With Google Maps, your application can be configured to plot all of the results of a search, or to plot one result at a time. Various customization options are available to give you control over the look and behavior of mapping.

Device GPS Reading

Configure your forms and searches to use your application user’s location through the GPS in their mobile device. Their location can be used to perform proximity search, or saved automatically in the database with new data submissions.

Getting Started

Request a no-obligation project consultation below, or open a free trial to try Caspio for yourself.