Sabina Tuladhar’s can-do attitude and sunny disposition brightens up even the gloomiest of days. There’s not a challenge she’d meet without a smile on her face and a passion to provide solutions.

As Vice President for Technical Support and Customer Care, Sabina embodies the heart of Caspio’s brand. A nurturing mentor to her colleagues, Sabina is a model of professionalism and excellent customer service. Off-duty, she’s a certified shopaholic and acclaimed momo chef.

We spoke with Sabina to learn more about her passion for customer care.

Hi Sabina, we’re excited to finally meet you!
Me too! How are you?

All good! You’ve been very busy with your new post?
A little bit. Before January of this year, I was managing the Customer Success Department and handling existing customers across the board. Right now, I oversee the Services Department. I’m pretty much the ears and voice of the customers.

What’s your customer service mantra?
I always put the customer at the center of everything I do or plan. Every day, I ask myself what we can do to make sure that customers are getting the most out of our product. Sometimes, our customers are merely scratching the surface of what our product can do. It’s my job to show them everything they can achieve with our low-code development platform.

How do you approach these types of customers?
We strive to continuously educate them on just how powerful our low-code development platform is. It takes a lot of evangelizing and we really leverage all the resources available at our disposal, from marketing content to training videos and other material. However, personal communication is always our top priority.

No wonder you’ve been successful in this field for the past 12 years.
If I may share, we traveled to 18 cities in five different continents last year for the Caspio World Tour — from San Francisco to Paris to Singapore to Sydney. It was nice to finally put a face to the voice of the customer we’ve been working with for a long time — and there are a lot of them. I think making that effort to go out and get to know our customers is the key to our success.

Sabina in Sydney, Australia for the Caspio World Tour

Have you always thought of having a career in customer service?
Well, I come from a technical background and have a degree in Engineering. But during my last year in college, I already knew that I wanted to learn more about the business aspect of engineering. I took up an MBA soon after graduating. When I joined Caspio and started speaking to our customers, I realized that this is what I want to do — I wanted to interact with our customers and help them overcome their challenges. Fulfilling the needs of our customers drives me to do better all the time.

What brought you to Caspio?
I was impressed by and still believe in the power of our low-code application development platform. I also look up to Caspio’s leadership. Frank Zamani has been a hands-on leader since the beginning. He was ahead of the curve. I mean, cloud computing was still an emerging field when I started and yet Frank already had a great vision of providing this platform as a service and making Caspio a leader in the field of rapid application development.

What do you love about working in Caspio?
I love the people and our product. Caspio’s leadership is very professional and at the same time very humble. We’re like a family here and you basically look forward to working and collaborating with them every day. We’re very much open in terms of sharing ideas and bouncing thoughts off each other.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
Ten years is a really long time! I have grown a lot since starting here in 2006 but I believe that it’s never enough. People should never stop growing and learning new responsibilities. A decade from now, I hope I’ll still be making a significant contribution to the company and to our customers.

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