We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Caspio 9.1 for all new and existing customers.

This release includes some smaller features, usability enhancements, bug fixes, and security and compatibility upgrades.

Release Highlights

Performance Improvements:

We have optimized various areas of the Caspio platform to significantly improve the overall speed of your applications, resulting in 40% faster response times on average. You can expect even more performance improvement for DataPages containing data-heavy lookups, complex queries, or a large number of fields. As shown below, Caspio’s third-party monitoring service at https://status.caspio.com shows a 63% performance improvement immediately after the 9.1 release:
Caspio 9.1 Performance Improvements
Calculations and Aggregations:

  • In Report DataPages, calculated fields containing SQL queries can now be included in Aggregations. For example, if you are using SQL queries and functions (i.e. SELECT SUM) in calculated fields, you can now include these fields in Aggregations to summarize the calculated data.
  • It’s now possible to insert fields in Aggregations using a picker control, similar to how fields are inserted in other areas.

Pivot Table Reports:

  • A new date rollup option is now available for date fields.
  • A new formatting option is available for column and row labels, so that date and number fields shown as labels will display in your desired format.

Usability Improvements:

  • We now automatically enable the “Advanced Options” and “Parameters” options in all DataPages by default, eliminating two checkboxes that are no longer required.
  • If you have white-labeling feature, now you can use an option in the Deploy dialog to remove Caspio branding from the deploy code with one click.

Read the complete release notes for details and other smaller enhancements.

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