2022 saw more companies heavily investing in cloud-based infrastructure.

In fact, worldwide end-user spending on public cloud services is forecasted to grow from $332.3 billion in 2021 to a total of $397.4 billion this year.

To help you achieve your cloud initiatives while staying on budget, Caspio offers free application templates that accelerate your time to market. Discover key insights on our most requested apps, along with how to deploy them on any web property you control.

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Custom CRM Takes Top Spot 3 Years in a Row

We’ve seen some interesting metrics regarding our most requested apps of 2022, with our Custom CRM template taking the number one spot for the third consecutive year. It tracks how the CRM software market is expected to grow by over 14% through 2025.

POPULAR TEMPLATES: Business users find value in free applications they can customize and deploy.

On the other hand, our project management template ranked second, rising from the sixth spot last year. With 77% of high-performing teams using some form of project management software, there is a clear demand for this custom tool to help close mission-critical projects.

Next on the list is the appointment scheduling template. Despite the drop to third place, companies using appointment scheduling software continue to see customer conversion and revenue rates increase. In fact, customers who pre-book appointments spend seven to eight times more than walk-ins.

While the overall list mostly stayed the same outside of a new app entering the top 10, it can be observed that companies are beginning to emerge from the lingering effects of the pandemic — with a renewed focus on business efficiency.

Most Popular Caspio Apps of 2022, Ranked

Similar to our 2021 feature, here are the 10 most popular Caspio free templates of 2022, ranked by the total number of requests:

10. Real Estate Listing

As the US housing market shows signs of falling prices, the Real Estate Listing app finally debuts in our top 10 list. This fully-featured template helps prospective buyers find dream properties they can afford with built-in distance search and Google Maps integration. It proved beneficial for real estate agents to level-up their operations in the cloud, positioning themselves to better capitalize on the rising demand.

9. Contact Management

Although the Contact Management app fell one spot in this year’s rankings, it continues to serve companies looking to store customer contact information without resorting to a full-blown CRM. This template makes it easy for authorized administrators to track contact logs, manage follow-up dates, enter notes and update the status for each contact on a highly efficient app.

8. IT Helpdesk

The IT Helpdesk app remains a popular internal solution with its rise in our 2022 rankings. It’s ability to adapt to remote work, in-office and hybrid setups further cements its value with resource strapped IT teams. The means to efficiently search, view, submit and manage tickets on a multi-user cloud environment is enough to make a huge difference within any organization.

7. Recruiting Management

The Recruiting Management app maintains its current spot from last year, mostly driven by organizations that prefer to recruit virtually. We foresee this template reaching a wider audience, given how lean hiring teams from the pandemic are now forced to do more with less. With essential recruitment features that include managing job listings and applicant journeys, we might see this application bump up a few ranks next year.

6. Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base app has fallen two spots in the rankings, likely due to more companies focusing on in-person training and knowledge transfers over online documentation. Despite the drop, the app remains a vital tool for organizations looking to share learning resources with customers and internal stakeholders.

5. Patient Portal

The Patient Portal app retains the top five spot as one of our most requested healthcare solutions. Given how 97% of healthcare executives trust in the reliability of technology advancements, custom patient portals will continue to find their place and evolve as indispensable tools. This particular template allows existing patients to review previous visits and check important messages from their doctors. It also allows physicians to monitor patient health data via dynamic dashboards.

4. Online Store

With online retail sales trending to achieve record numbers in the coming years, the Online Store template sits firmly within our top five most requested apps. Despite falling from third place, businesses looking to establish an online store recognize the template’s extensible e-commerce solution capable of supporting thousands of products. It can also be integrated with Stripe and PayPal to process payments and store completed transactions.

3. Appointment Scheduling

Coming in from second last year, the Appointment Scheduling app streamlines the appointment booking process for service providers and their clients. Now that businesses experience more foot-traffic compared to peak pandemic times, organizing appointments becomes more essential in maintaining great customer experiences. This template’s centralized calendar interface and automated notifications does the trick.

2. Project Management

Climbing four spots this year, our Project Management app proved itself among agile teams looking to increase the speed and quality of their work. With renewed focus on business efficiency to support growing operational workloads post-pandemic, the pre-built dashboards and customizable reports of this template serve as a good start to keep projects within spec and budget upon completion.

1. Custom CRM

Caspio’s Custom CRM app dominates the top spot once again, showing its flexibility to support on-site and remote working environments. This robust template allows your team to monitor sales transactions and customer communications in one place. It features pivot tables, charts and searchable reports that cater to admins, managers and employees respectively in the cloud. Look no further to fulfill your core CRM requirements in a highly competitive landscape.

How to Deploy Caspio’s Free App Templates

For business users looking to speed up development time by building on existing systems, Caspio provides free ready-made application templates as a starting point. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to deploy your requested applications.

Step 1: Select a free template from the app marketplace

Explore the Caspio app marketplace and look for your preferred app template. Click on “Request App” in the details view to receive your deployment instructions. You may also refer to this deployment guide for a more detailed walkthrough.

Step 2: Test your app and clean up data

The free app templates come with sample data that allows you to explore and visualize application features. For example, our online store template includes a full product catalog along with details and sample reviews.

After familiarizing yourself with the app template, proceed to clean up the tables by replacing our test data with actual information from your business. Caspio’s built-in import capabilities will allow your organization to add and append product-related data quickly and efficiently.

Step 3: Apply custom styling

To make your app template stand out, apply unique branding elements by creating a custom style. Styles allow you to quickly customize the look and feel of your applications to match your corporate identity or brand.

Step 4: Embed the deploy code on your website

To deploy your selected application, simply copy Caspio’s autogenerated deploy code and paste it on any web property you control. You can utilize popular website builders like WordPress, Squarespace or Webflow to host your application if you have limited experience with web design.

If you’re an experienced web developer, you have the option of hosting your own HTML files or deploying on your company’s intranet.

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