Congratulations for rolling out your great new app to all your users … but do you know who your most active users are? Or whether people are having difficulty accessing your app? Do you know if they access it from the home or office?

Caspio has a little-known feature called “User Logs” which comes standard in Corporate packages and is available as an add-on feature for other packages. This feature gives you tremendous insights into who is accessing each of your apps, how often, from where, and with what browsers.

To see your most active users, you can easily sort the report based on the highest number of logins for any date range. You can also monitor login attempts to see how often each user is having difficulty with their password and the number of successful and failed login attempts.

Monitor Login Reports and User Logs

An advanced filtering view allows you to pinpoint any information you need from the mountain of data that is available. For example, you might be looking at a particular day to see who has logged in or recovered their password from a particular IP address.

Detailed Login Report Filtering

The User Logs feature is accessible from the Options menu in Caspio. If you don’t have it in your account, you can select it as an add-on feature in the Upgrade Account wizard.  Feel free to contact Caspio Support if you need help enabling the feature.

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