Hundreds of analyst firms, speakers, and experts warn that in order for companies to succeed in digital transformation, they need to engage the largest generation entering the workforce – the millennials.

This age group (20s and early 30s) is the first to come of age in the dawn of cloud computing. Entirely raised with the first commercial smartphone, and heavily influenced by social media and constant online connectivity, millennials are accustomed to demanding technology standards – agility, speed, accessibility, and reliability.

Currently, millennials make up more than a third of the labor force and many will become director- and C-level executives in few years’ time. A recent study by Randstad Technologies and IDG Research Services suggests that to attract and keep top-notch talent in a millennial workforce, companies need to invest in millennial-friendly technologies such as cloud, mobile, big data, and social media.

Cloud-First Strategy

In a digitally evolving world, millennials expect employers to provide access to information that is instantly available to them anywhere and anytime. In a study by the International Data Corporation, millennial IT leaders are more likely than other generations to embrace a cloud-first IT environment.

Also, millennial-led companies are adopting cloud applications at a 20% higher rate. Some of the most popular online database apps are human capital management, expense management, invoicing, and other operations-related applications.

Low-Code Platforms

As more companies and applications move to the cloud, developing a cloud-first strategy can result in a leaner and more seamless path to productivity and ROI. Today, many businesses are rapidly adopting low-code platforms as a key aspect in this strategy.

Low-code platforms, as defined by Forrester Research, are “platforms that enable rapid delivery of business applications with a minimum of hand-coding and minimal upfront investment in setup, training, and deployment.”

Caspio is ranked a “Leader” in low-code platforms for business developers by Forrester. Using Caspio, business users are able to build custom cloud applications in hours and days, instead of weeks and months – with little to no coding required.

To help companies get started, Caspio offers a free trial and complimentary project consultation.

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