gartner-web-scale-it-for-enterprise-300In the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2015 published this month by Gartner, one concept that made the list for the first time is “web-scale IT”. According to Gartner, web-scale IT will be an architectural approach operating in 50% of global enterprises by 2017, up from less than 10 percent in 2013.

Gartner’s definition of web-scale IT is a pattern of global-class computing that delivers the capabilities of large cloud service providers (such as Amazon, Google, and Facebook) within an enterprise IT setting. In other words, web-scale IT is a systematic approach to reinvent the way IT services are delivered to achieve massive agility, speed and scale. This model will hugely impact traditional IT as we know it, since it requires organizations to re-examine and potentially redesign their entire IT structure.

According to Cameron Haight, the Gartner Research V.P. who coined the term “web-scale IT”, conventional IT isn’t delivering because “maturity levels are ‘stuck’ and costs, even with the advent of cloud, remain too high. If enterprise IT wants to remain relevant to the business, then they’ll have to rethink the entire IT ‘value chain’.” By emulating web-scale IT models validated by the success of Amazon, Google and Facebook, companies of all sizes will be able to gain a competitive edge through rapid and cost-effective IT scalability.

Additionally, web-scale IT models will force technology vendors to embrace the trends with more innovative and future-looking products. Haight predicts, “suppliers of traditional products and services will not go away, but over time they will largely lose their high degree of technology influence.”

As a cloud pioneer founded in 2000 – even before cloud computing was “The Cloud” – Caspio helps enterprise IT fulfill one of the most highly-requested functions: providing the right tools and applications that enable business units to deliver more value in real-time.

The unique way that Caspio enables IT to deliver applications to business users speaks to the fundamentals of web-scale IT:

  • Speed: With Caspio, custom applications can be delivered 10 times faster than conventional methods, allowing faster response to business challenges, opportunities and changes.
  • Agility: Modifications to Caspio-powered applications can be made on-the-fly so that business users can easily stay on top of the problems they are trying to solve.
  • Scale: Operated on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Caspio offers the scalability required to meet the needs of the most demanding enterprises.

Because web-scale IT involves many facets, establishing a successful model will be a long learning process for many companies. Introducing a technology like Caspio not only helps businesses transform their application development and delivery, a critical component in any IT environment, it also helps IT leaders demonstrate quick results.

To learn more about how you can implement Caspio in your organization, request a complimentary project consultation.

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