In a rapidly changing business environment, implementing the right CRM application for your organization is a time-consuming and resource-intensive selection process. Many CRM vendors offer pre-packaged solutions that offer a wide array of features, but may not be tailored to your unique business model.

Forrester suggests that decision-makers must first analyze the general existing capabilities of cloud CRM offerings and then determine whether the remaining customization makes financial and technical sense. This could mean spending a tremendous amount of time and costs on evaluations, testing, integration, training, deployment, and maintenance.

Caspio offers a free CRM app template as an alternative approach, providing a simple starting point for customers looking to build their own CRM application. This ready-made template is free with any Caspio account and can be customized based on your exact requirements with little to no coding. Unlike most CRMs, Caspio supports unlimited users at no extra cost.

Feature highlights:

  • Manage follow-up dates, enter notes, and update the status for each contact
  • Track communication logs for each contact
  • View scheduled follow-ups on a calendar
  • Seamlessly deploy the app interfaces anywhere on your public or internal websites
  • Supports unlimited users, user roles and groups

Extend the app template to meet your specific requirements:

  • Customize the online database app interfaces and workflow based on your business processes
  • Add custom reports, dashboards, and data visualizations such as charts and maps
  • Using point-and-click tools, add more functionality to create a fully-featured CRM and make modifications just as easily
  • Integrate Caspio’s single sign-on capabilities with your internal corporate directory
  • Localize the application to your geographic region and language

Get started by signing up for a trial account and request the free CRM app template to be loaded into your account.

You are also welcome to request a free project consultation to review how this template can be adapted to meet your exact needs.

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