As more Silicon Valley firms disclose the demographic information of their workforce, the importance of  diversity has once again come under the spotlight.

The business case for diversity is actually very straightforward: tech companies often have a diverse customer base and having a diverse team that reflects such characteristics would undoubtedly help improve its product and services. Various researches also show that having a diverse workforce can not only help identifying issues important to a certain segment of your audience, diversity also promotes creativity.

Diversity has always been a core element in our corporate culture since being founded in early 2000. We have been dedicated to hiring, developing and retaining a heterogeneous workforce since day one and nowadays, the Caspio team represents many parts of the world and our gender ratio is also very well balanced: 55% male employees and 45% females.

Having a diverse and inclusive workforce certainly has delivered many benefits for Caspio. Every department within Caspio is comprised of people with different backgrounds and every new product release is a collaborative effort of different minds.  Such a diverse team brings together a unique set of experiences and perspectives that translate into innovative products, better services, and advanced business processes, all of which help to set us apart in the competitive global market.

Caspio is also an international company in a number of ways: we serve customers from 110 countries; our product is capable of creating localized applications; and our research and development office is located in Ukraine.

We celebrate our global outlook and the workforce diversity, and we hope over the coming years we can extend and expand our diversity initiatives even further.

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