apply-scientific-method-to-business-300Caspio’s low-code application development platform has shown time and again, at organizations of all sizes, to drastically cut the cost and complexity of custom application development and provide unimagined rapidity to bringing ideas to market. These alone can have a profound impact on any organization.

However, one of the most transformative powers of Caspio comes from another area.

The methods used in the scientific community for arriving at an answer are far different than those in a typical business. Scientists follow a proven method that starts with a hypothesis, an idea, a gut feeling that is derived from the current understandings. However, the hypothesis is not enough to bring a new drug to the market. The next step in the process is to test the hypothesis. The test results in data that is then analyzed and evaluated. Sometimes the hypothesis is deemed wrong and it’s abandoned but sometimes there are positive signs. Still, at this stage, it’s too early to declare victory and go to market. Instead, the idea is refined, modifications are made and the testing and analyzing cycle continues. Only once the tests unambiguously generate the desired results is victory declared and the drug released to market.

In business, such processes rarely exist because it’s time consuming and very expensive. However, the agility and low cost of implementation with Caspio removes these barriers. It is now possible to create an app, automate a process, roll out to small number of users, collect feedback, abandon and come up with a new approach or make adjustments and repeat the cycle. With a few iterations the results could be far superior to the initial idea.

Online marketing professionals are familiar with a process called A/B testing, where a page, usually a landing page is created in two versions. Both are put to test and the one that yields the best results is called the winner and the one that failed is abandoned. Another version is then created and is put to test to compete with the previous winner, this process continues until the marketing professional determines they have created the optimal page.

Caspio can be a part of A/B testing through its ability to quickly create multiple versions of a lead generation form. More importantly, the idea can be expanded and applied to other public facing or internal applications.

If you are interested in exploring more about the Caspio platform and see how you can apply the scientific method to improve key business processes, sign up for a free trial and a custom product demo can be arranged for you.

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