Our announcement yesterday that Halifax Media has selected Caspio as its standard for cloud-based apps and databases got me thinking. I was curious to learn why Caspio was such a popular platform among online news publishers, and why we continue to have such impressive customer momentum in this industry.

So, I talked to some of our media customers. I read the case studies we have around some great news outlets using Caspio. And I talked with our account management team which works with companies like Halifax every day. I began to see a few trends arise in terms of why news organizations were using Caspio. So, I compiled a “top 5” list of reasons any online news organization can benefit from using Caspio. Here they are:

1. Achieve scalable, reliable performance

Because we manage the apps and databases you post to your sites, scale and performance is never an issue. Simply put, database queries are far more resource intensive than regular web hits. Sure, you can build infrastructure to support the spikes your site will receive thanks to dynamic apps on your site – but why bother? With Caspio, you don;t need to think about scale – we handle it all for you.

2. Respond quickly to news

News happens fast – and it is important to have tools to help you relay information in innovative ways without slowing you down. And, newsrooms today are expected to do more with less. Caspio is a simple, affordable, easy-to-use yet powerful platform to quickly build web based databases and apps. News organizations can add valuable, if not critical, information to their online news properties in minutes – allowing them to remain a trusted and go-to news source in their respective communities. For example, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution was able to get critical information up on its site in minutes after Hurricane Katrina by using Caspio.

3. Empower non-technical personnel

News is about telling stories, and informing and entertaining the people. Many journalists are writers; meaning they have far more important things to do than program code. With Caspio, journalists can focus on telling the story – not coding. The simple, point-and-click nature of Caspio enables writers and other non-IT staff to quickly build databases and apps that extend the value of online content. For example, a journalist writing a story on campaign spending can build a custom database from an Excel sheet and embed it into their online article with ease.

4. Improve ROI on content with little effort.

Data sets that have wide appeal are  a n0-brainer.  But now with Caspio you can build and publish data sets that are newsworthy – but for a smaller audience, or smaller niche communities. That’s because the amount of time invested into each data set can be very small. The result is that news organizations can meet the needs of a wider set of smaller communities, going “hyper-local” even in wide-reaching web properties – while still providing positive ROI to the publisher.

5. Benefit from Caspio’s unparalleled domain expertise

Caspio is not the only tool for building databases, but when it comes to building cloud-powered apps and databases for the online news and media industries – no one has the level of experience and expertise as Caspio. Some of the largest news outlets in the U.S. and beyond have built all kinds of apps and online databases with Caspio. Not only can news outlets use Caspio as a fast, scalable, affordable platform – we can act as a trusted, reliable source for best practices around building and deploying apps for online news properties. Couple that with our unending supply of ready-made data sets, and the value of working with Caspio cannot be denied.

If you are in the news media and want to learn more about how Caspio can enhance and add value to your online content, sign up for a free trial of Caspio or request a project consultation with a Caspio expert.

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