While our VP of Engineering  and Operations Ioannis Kritikopoulos was attending the Amazon re: Invent conference in Las Vegas last week, I checked out some of the keynotes online. More and more, I realize that while Caspio may use Amazon Web Services as its cloud infrastructure provider, there are a lot more affinities between the companies when it comes to our individual customer-facing philosophies.

In a great write-up of the conference by Alex Williams over at TechCrunch he summarizes one of the strong points of Amazon’s strategy based on CEO Werner Vogel’s keynote remarks:

Vogels showed how a business-driven infrastructure gives customers their own ability to develop businesses that are data driven and optimized to make their operations so tight that they can also operate on low margins.

In a lot of ways, this encapsulates Caspio’s mission and vision very well. We are leveraging the cloud, and providing a data-driven apps platform – so that our customers can quickly and easily leverage the tools to build fast, scalable and cost-effective data-driven apps for their various needs. We keep our margins low, and cost of entry low, so that customers of any size can get up and running fast, and scale costs with the level of value those data-driven apps are generating.

Much like the benevolent cycle Amazon creates in its generic cloud IaaS model (more customers=more use; more use=lower costs to customer – rinse, repeat) – Caspio has tried to both keep costs low in a high volume model. That is why Caspio has created unlimited pricing models, where the data transfer is the only payment lever. Again, it is about empowering the customer and delivering value.

Amazon is an innovative company, and I truly believe we at Caspio are as well. Like Amazon, we will continue to explore ways to make it both easier and more cost-effective for our customers to envision, build and deploy highly scalable, data-driven apps on our platform.

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