More than 90% of internet users share a weekly habit of watching music videos, influencer vlogs, tutorials, product reviews and other online videos.

Providing the type of video content that appeals to your audience, while staying true to your brand, can significantly increase user engagement for your business.

Read on to learn how you can embed videos from popular platforms like YouTube, TikTok and Instagram into your Caspio applications.

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Top 3 Video Sharing Platforms to Host Your Content

Your business greatly benefits from cultivating a strong presence on the right video sharing platform.

It’s important to understand where you are most effective in terms of your target audience and industry. By leveraging these platforms, you increase the overall visibility and engagement metrics of your application.

BUILD YOUR LIBRARY: Caspio supports embedding content from YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and other video-sharing platforms on your web apps.

Here are the three most popular video platforms that host your content for free:

1. TikTok

With over 3 billion downloads mostly coming from a younger demographic, TikTok specializes in short-form content that trends very well among its users. Consider using the platform if your company looks to bring entertainment value and brand awareness with the best chance of going viral.

2. Instagram

Instagram is the fourth most-used media platform with 1.5 billion daily active users. This platform provides you with powerful ad targeting and marketing tools for selling your products and services to a growing audience.

3. YouTube

YouTube provides a vast video library with 1.7 billion unique monthly visitors, making it an excellent platform for your business to reach a wider userbase. Uploading to YouTube can also boost your visibility in search engines, giving your brand more opportunities to get noticed.

How to Embed Videos in Your Caspio Apps

After uploading content to your preferred video-sharing platform, it’s still good practice to consolidate your library within your web applications. You gain a number of important benefits ranging from improved user retention, better lead conversion and more.

Here are two ways to play videos straight from your Caspio web apps without consuming your allocated storage:

1. Find the Embed Code

After creating a long text field within your table, simply copy the provided embed code from YouTube and paste it in the designated form within your application. Your videos will appear in your chosen report layout as long as the embed code is rendered as HTML, which you can easily set with a dropdown selection.

2. Copy the Web URL

This embed method needs a little SQL and JavaScript, but only requires you to copy the video URL from your browser to achieve the desired result. This works across YouTube, Instagram and TikTok among other platforms. Follow this guide for a more detailed walkthrough.

Watch our full Caspio Live episode on embedding videos to learn more:

5 Use Cases for Embedded Videos

Harness the power of videos in delivering both information and entertainment to attract more users. Here are a few ideas for implementing embedded videos on your business applications:

1. Virtual Tours

Showcase real-estate properties to potential buyers, give prospective students a glimpse of their future campus, allow stakeholders to explore new hospital facilities and more with video tours from your web apps.

A TikTok video that expertly presents a property is more likely to attract prospects than a series of static images. In fact, studies show that listings with virtual tours receive 87% more views and keep people on your website 10x longer.

OPEN DOORS: Use embedded videos to improve prospect interactions with your real estate listing.

2. Onboarding

Save time and effort onboarding new hires with dedicated videos on your custom HR application. Introduce your company’s mission, vision and policies through embedded videos for the benefit of both employees and potential applicants.

3. Customer Testimonials

Allow customers to post video testimonials on your business website as part of a marketing initiative. This helps highlight how good your products and services are compared to your competitors. We recommend designing your input fields to accept video posts from multiple platforms. It’s also a good idea to include an approval process to screen submissions before they are presented live.

4. Product Videos

Create Instagram videos for any item you are selling and embed them on your Caspio-powered online store. This gives you the benefit of acquiring traffic from Instagram and processing the sale securely on your custom web app.

5. How-to Guides

Use video presentations to effectively share industry knowledge and solutions. This helps your end users better understand the issue at hand and complete tasks with efficiency. Examples include support teams compiling standard procedures and troubleshooting tips on a public knowledge base. YouTube serves as the go-to platform for hosting long-form how-to guides that go in-depth on sophisticated topics.

CONTINUOUS LEARNING: Compile informative videos in a grid-like fashion with Caspio’s gallery layout.

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