Amazon-S3-Static-WebsiteBesides cloud storage, one of the features of Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is highly reliable and inexpensive hosting services for static websites. While Amazon S3 is a fast and efficient way to deliver static content – HTML, XML, images and multimedia – one major disadvantage is that it doesn’t support dynamic content or programming functionalities that is typically needed for web forms and database searches.

Caspio provides an ideal solution to bring dynamic functionality to Amazon S3. All Caspio-powered forms, online databases and apps can be deployed to static websites hosted on S3, or anywhere else for that matter. Using Caspio’s embedded deployment, you simply copy-and-paste a snippet of JavaScript deploy code into your HTML and your app immediately appears embedded on your page.

Here are some examples of dynamic functionality you can easily add with Caspio to your otherwise static website:

  • Submission forms for lead capture and marketing automation
  • Feedback, survey and other similar forms
  • User authentication and password-protected applications
  • Searchable databases and directories
  • Calendars, charts, maps and much more

Dynamic forms and apps usually require server-side scripting and processing capabilities, but Caspio apps are actually running on our own servers so the need for scripting or CPU power from your hosting provider is eliminated.

In addition to Amazon S3, Caspio applications also work with the Amazon CloudFront content delivery network (CDN). While the apps won’t be cached at Amazon’s edge locations, they still work perfectly.

Looking to add dynamic features to your website? Register for a free trial account to get started.

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