Every great landmark starts with an architect’s vision. From the ashes of the Great Fire of London, Sir Christopher Wren saw a grand Saint Paul Cathedral capped by a spectacular baroque dome. At the 1889 World’s Fair in Paris, Gustav Eiffel saw a steel tower rising from the Champ de Mars as the modern equivalent to the Pyramids of Giza.

Director of Product Management, Dung Huynh is Caspio’s visionary architect. Dung sees the Caspio low-code development platform as a way for business leaders to overcome technical challenges, and he is passionate about designing and building Caspio’s powerful features and intuitive user experience. Dung shares his tenth year at Caspio with Professional Services and Customer Support Director Bahareh Mahdavi — and together, they are Caspio’s Wonder Twins! We spoke with Dung, aka Wonder Twin Zan, about his life both in and out of the office.

Dung Huynh and Bahareh Mahdavi celebrate their 10–year anniversary at Caspio.

Hi Dung! Thanks for talking to us.

No problem at all! I’m always happy to talk about what I do at Caspio.

Have you always been interested in IT and coding?

I didn’t know anything about computers or programming as a kid. I actually wanted to be an architect. I have always been curious about the art of designing buildings. It also helps that I love to draw. I would save all my money to buy comic books and copy the drawings of buildings and characters. You know this Japanese comic called Doraemon, about a robot cat from the future? I would read those comics and draw Nobita and Doraemon the cat.

What led you down the coding path, then?

Well, when I was in high school my parents signed me up for some programming lessons. The experience was a real eye-opener. I realize that when you code, you are creating something. An architect draws from his vision and the result is the final built structure. The same thing happens when you code. You have a vision, you execute it and you run it. From the very first line of code, you are creating the architecture of your program. I saw these similarities between architecture and programming, and I was instantly hooked! From those first lessons, I enrolled and studied computer science at San Jose State University and became a developer after graduating.

Dung Huynh

You joined Caspio a few years after graduating.

Yes, and I’ve been with Caspio for ten years now. I was a developer when I first joined and as I got to know the low-code application development platform, I was won over by its power and functionality. I love the idea that even non-technical users are able to build applications themselves. It’s such a powerful platform and it’s so easy to use. From my roots as a developer, I became a product manager and later the director of product management.

What’s the most exciting part of your role at Caspio?

I love solving problems. I come to work every day to solve challenges and I get really excited when I finally manage to iron out issues and see how these improvements and new features in the platform make a great impact for our customers and their customers in daily life.

What’s the best thing about working for Caspio?

I mean, there are so many good things about working for Caspio. If I could pick just one though, it would be that my role here directly contributes to the company’s purpose. It’s such a fulfilling job because my day-to-day tasks really elevate our position. Now, we’re a leader in low-code platforms for business developers according to Forrester and I’m happy to have played a part in that accomplishment.

What do you want to achieve at Caspio and for Caspio’s customers?

I want to make Caspio famous. I want to make Caspio the first thing people think of whenever they need online database applications. I want to empower our customers and make our platform even more powerful and easier to use.

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