How many websites do you need to manage on a day-to-day basis? Nowadays, companies often have to juggle multiple websites such as public corporate sites, blogs, forums, customer portals, partner sites, mobile sites, and the list goes on. For content managers and web developers responsible for multiple sites, it can be beneficial to have the ability to easily deploy the same forms, database widgets, or even web applications across multiple websites and have the data centrally managed.

Caspio’s “embedded” deployment is unique in that you can embed a Caspio DataPage or an entire app seamlessly on any website, CMS, or blog simply by copying and pasting a snippet of JavaScript code. Applications will display exactly where you want the app to appear on your web page, with Caspio powering them behind the scenes.

Some typical scenarios where Caspio’s embedded deployment can make a big difference in app management include:

  • Lead Generation: Lead-gen forms are usually placed on various web pages and are one of the most popular use cases of web applications. Caspio-powered lead-gen forms can not only be easily deployed on an unlimited number of web pages or websites, all data collected through these forms will also be funneled to a secure online database for easy management or any follow-up activity.
  • Feedback Management: Companies often need to implement web forms on various sites to collect valuable user feedback for improvements. Using the Caspio platform, many customers have created feedback forms and deployed them across different sites to easily collect and manage user feedback. Caspio also offers the ready-made feedback application available within our Instand Apps Library to further simplify the feedback management process.
  • Event Listing and Announcements: For all upcoming webinars, events, or the latest company news and announcements, you can use one single DataPage to display all of the information and deploy it to selected company web properties as you see fit. You can easily manage everything through the same set of data.
  • App Syndication: The same concept can be applied to DataPages and applications that you may want to give to your customers, partners or affiliates. For example, some of our newspaper customers such as Bay Area News Group provide deploy code for their popular database applications, bloggers and affiliate sites then download and place the same app on their own site. In this case, the app’s footer typically has a link back to the provider’s website. Alternatively, they can create a separate search form which is syndicated, but the results of the search are shown on the provider’s website, generating free traffic. This feature can also be very helpful for companies looking to list product catalogs on multiple sites and even on partner’s sites.

Caspio’s deployment options coupled with its licensing flexibility makes it the ideal platform for creating web forms, database widgets and apps that need be deployed on multiple web sites. If your organization is managing various web sites, sign up for a free trial to experience flexible app deployment like never before.

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