We are excited to announce the opening of our new Business Operations Center in the Philippines. This office represents our third global operation center, following our centers in Silicon Valley and Europe. This expansion gives us much better access to our Asia-Pacific customers, allowing us to better serve this fast growing segment of our customers while also providing additional services to our global customers.

The world runs on software and every business is in the business of software. However, the old methods for creating business software are too slow, error prone and expensive. And they require trained developers. In contrast Caspio’s all-in-one platform for business applications is designed for the tech-savvy business user who does not require to know any coding.

Most Caspio-powered applications can be created through our point-and-click interfaces, and the occasional code for advanced capabilities can be provided through our consulting services. The ease of use of our platform, along with its incredible scale and best of breed technologies, compliance and security measures and world-class support make it an ideal platform for custom business applications.

The total cost of ownership for a Caspio-powered application is a small fraction of hiring or allocating development resources for creating and up keeping a business application.

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