Today we’d like to share a success story from one of Caspio’s longtime customers, Barnes & Noble College.

Barnes & Noble College operates 750 of the finest campus bookstores and websites nationwide for top academic institutions such as Harvard, Yale, University of Pennsylvania, Indiana University, and Georgia Tech. The Operational Finance Department was looking to overhaul paper-based processes that gathered information from store locations through the mail and required manual data entry into Microsoft Excel and Access. The process was slow, time consuming, and prone to errors.

Daisia Lewin, Senior Inventory Analyst at Barnes and Noble College, decided to find a solution to this growing problem. She began by looking for a system that could be accessible from anywhere and would allow her to create custom web forms and reports with extensive calculations. Since she had no programming background, and hiring a developer was not an option, it had to be done without coding.

Lewin tried several alternatives, but the Caspio platform stood out, offering all the features that Lewin needed to create forms, workflows, and calculation-heavy reports required by the Barnes and Noble College management team. In a short span of time, she was able to replace the entire manual process with a sophisticated cloud application for which she received a standing ovation at an internal company conference.

And that was just the beginning. Since then, Barnes & Noble College transformed many other departmental processes using Caspio.

Read the full case study.

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