Data security is a big concern for business leaders. IT departments are the ones caught in the trap of overwhelming demands to protect company data while staying current with the latest threats, patches, policies, compliances, and regulations.

With the vast volume of applications and IT project requests from employees and business units, IT departments struggle to keep up with the increasingly rapid pace of demands. As a result, employees and business units rely on their own technical knowledge to create their own applications and get the job done. IT departments commonly refer to the use of unsanctioned applications outside of their jurisdiction as “Shadow IT”.

Gartner predicts that shadow IT management will continue to increase over the years and will exceed 30% of total IT expenditures due to the increasing demand for new apps and services that outstrips the capacity of IT to provide them.

Instead of panic, Gartner suggests organizations to embrace the trend. This makes IT departments scratch their heads.

Shadow IT often paves the way to unsanctioned applications that have relatively lax and ineffective security measures. When a data is introduced to an unsecured application, it creates potential vulnerabilities for data breaches and attacks.

Gartner suggests that in order to meet the demands of business and workforce dynamics, organizations need to adopt a bimodal approach to IT operations. “Bimodal IT separates the risk-averse and “slow” methods of traditional IT from the fast-paced demands of digital business, which is underpinned by the digital workplace,” Gartner says “This dual mode of operation is essential to satisfy the ever-increasing demands of digitally savvy business units and employees, while ensuring that critical IT infrastructure and services remain stable and uncompromised.”

Fortunately, line-of-business users and IT professionals can utilize the power of Caspio to create custom online database applications with top security measures, fast and without coding or with low-coding. Caspio provides the leading business productivity platform to help companies shrink the development time of custom cloud applications from weeks to hours and deliver great ROI.

With a platform that has data security at its core such as Caspio, business and IT leaders can build their online database applications to:

  • Eliminate the associated threats of shadow IT
  • Eliminate unprotected data such as those in Excel
  • Enjoy quick project turnarounds
  • Get and stay compliant with regulatory requirements
  • Have access to a Professional Services Team

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