We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the Caspio REST API for all new and existing customers. As a more modern alternative to our existing SOAP-based API, the new REST API is an open-standards web service that makes it even easier to extend and customize your Caspio applications.

APIs are a vital component in application development because they allow for programmatic communication across multiple applications and services to automate the flow of data and extend the capabilities of each interaction. RESTful API in particular has gained wide acceptance for its simplified approach to interfacing with multiple systems.

Here are some popular examples of how Caspio customers currently utilize APIs:

  • Connect internal behind-the-firewall enterprise systems with a secure online database
  • Automate data transfer between Caspio databases and third-party applications
  • Use Caspio as the backend database for IoT (Internet of Things) projects to connect mobile and other smart devices
  • Implement payment integration, e-signature, invoicing and other financial services
  • Extend your Caspio applications with any programming language that best meets your needs

Take Caspio customer, Rain Nation, for example. As a solution provider for engagement and retention programs in the healthcare industry, Rain Nation needs to work with various systems under the constraints of healthcare regulations. Most recently, they have automated the entire data flow process between Caspio databases and native mobile apps using Caspio’s REST API.

According to Susan Butler, Managing Partner at Rain Nation:

“Caspio has allowed us to create customized applications for hospitals to improve the patient experience, engagement and satisfaction – all without having to worry about HIPAA compliance. Using the new REST API, we integrated our Caspio applications with native mobile apps so that hospitals can monitor patient satisfaction in real-time and alert staff to take immediate actions.”

The Caspio REST API is available now to all customers. It is included in Business plans or higher, or can be added to other plans.

For more information about using Caspio’s REST API, please visit the online help for developer guidelines and code samples.

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