Reports are one of the most widely-used types of Caspio DataPages. In reality, they are not just reports. They are user interfaces to interact with your data in a variety of ways. You can create feature-rich applications using Report DataPages to display, visualize, search, drill down and edit data.

In the last several product releases, we have rolled out a series of features to make editing data in Caspio Reports much more efficient. To help you become more productive using these new options, here is a quick list of features to consider when designing your application:

Editing Features: Allows Your Application Users To:
Bulk Edit Select any number of records and update them all at once. For example, in a project management app, a manager can change the status of several tasks to “Complete” at the same time.
Grid Edit Edit all the displayed records in a grid, similar to a spreadsheet. This feature is most useful when you need to edit a large number of records separately. It allows you to modify multiple records on one screen without having to save each record individually.
Inline Insert Add new records at the top or bottom row of the search results. Use this feature to quickly add a new option to a dropdown or another entry to a table.
Inline Edit Edit any record in the search results, one at a time. It’s perfect for small modifications on individual records.
Bulk Delete Select any number of records and delete them all at once.
Inline Delete Delete any record from the search results, one at a time.
Editable Details Page View, edit, or delete individual records on a drilled-down details page. This option provides the most comprehensive way to modify a record.

You can easily enable any of these options when configuring your Caspio Report DataPage. Watch the video to see how:

All of the data-editing options listed above are standard features included in all Caspio accounts. Read the how-to article for details on how to best utilize each method.

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