You’ve created your app with Caspio and deployed it to your website, but have you considered how to get more out of your efforts? Here are some ways that you can extend the reach of your Caspio apps to gain more exposure and usage:

1. Distribute Your App as a Widget on Blogs and Other Sites

Do you have web forms that could generate more leads if they had more exposure? Do you have information such as product catalogs, upcoming events, or user directories that you want to share on different pages to draw people to your site?

All Caspio forms, reports, charts, and calendars can be deployed on multiple websites, including CMS and blogging software. Our free WordPress PlugIn makes it easier if your site is on WordPress. Learn more about our WordPress Plugin.

Publish Apps on WordPress

2. Generate Free Traffic with SEO Data Publishing

Do you have data that you want to distribute as widely as possible? Do you generate revenues from your content, perhaps through advertising or subscriptions?

A key to the success of most websites is to generate free traffic. Caspio’s Search Engine Optimized deployment technology publishes your database in a search-engine friendly format, so Google and Bing can crawl it and bring organic traffic to your site. Learn more about SEO Publishing.

Caspio SEO Data Publishing 

3. Give Mobile Users a Better Experience

Caspio-powered apps are already compatible with mobile devices such as iPhone, Android and Blackberry smartphones and iPad and other tablets. However, you can go a step further and give your mobile users a better experience by creating a version of your app optimized for small devices. Caspio’s Mobile Kit is the place to start for creating mobile-friendly apps. Learn more about iPhone/iPad Apps that you may create.


4. Tap into Social Media by Deploying Apps on Facebook

Businesses are realizing the power of Facebook for marketing and customer engagement, and chances are that your users are spending a great deal of time on the site. Caspio apps can be embedded in your Facebook business profile or registered as stand-alone Facebook apps. Think of generating leads, showcasing products, promoting your calendar of events, listing job openings, and soon you will see the sky is the limit on Facebook. Learn more about Facebook Apps.

We would love to hear how you are using these capabilities. What other plugins and extensions you would you like to see us build in the future?

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