Low-Code Platform Amplifies Profits for Language Educator

Case Study Synopsis

Customer Southern California School of Interpretation
Industry Education
Challenge Expand their market by increasing the volume of customers
Why Caspio
  • Empowers non-IT users with user-friendly interface
  • Provides tools for business developers to create their own solutions
  • Delivers remarkable and responsive customer service


I’m the director of the Southern California School of Interpretation that teaches people who are fluent in two languages to work in the court system as interpreters. We also test individuals who speak two languages on how they use languages in interpreting, which is a different technique.


We have this training program and we need to test people on their interpreting skills, so we must be able to monitor them.


We tried to get more volume, but we were not ready so that’s when we turned to Caspio.

Hitting a Low-Code Platform Goldmine

I’m very proud to say that I’m the one who found Caspio here. I was searching online all the time and I finally found it in 2012.


When I tried Caspio, from the very first day, I thought to myself, “I hit a goldmine here.”


It’s very user friendly and the results are incredible.


If you need to program something on your own, to accomplish what Caspio could have accomplished, it will probably take years.

Turning Your Dream Database App to Reality

I didn’t have the tools. Caspio brought an incredible number of tools for me, enabling me to actually put what I had in my mind and put it on the system.


It’s always a great feeling when you have something in your mind, and you can actually collaborate with other people. You don’t have to worry too much about programming and external things and just focus on getting things accomplished on time.


That creates an incredible amount of satisfaction for everybody in the team because we can see the product.


It’s not a dream anymore. It’s a reality.


Once you have a platform and it’s working, you can start increasing the volume. And with more volume comes more income. Caspio has really been a very important factor in this equation. Without it, we couldn’t have solved the equation.


Don’t Hesitate, Try Caspio Today

Anybody who is curious to try Caspio, I will tell you, do not hesitate. Give it a try.


The customer service is remarkable. They have been so nice to me and whenever I need something from them, they always respond.


Put some time into it and you’re going to find that this is a wonderful platform. You won’t be paying much for something that gives you a lot of power and a lot of tools.


Build Feature-Rich Database Applications Without Coding

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