As 2021 winds down, forward-thinking business leaders are now preparing for the year ahead. From analyzing budgets to ensuring all of the company’s systems are running smoothly, there’s no shortage of things to do before the year ends.

Here’s a checklist to help you close the year with a bang and start 2022 with confidence.

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5 Things to Do Before Wrapping Up the Year

To kickstart your 2022 on a high note, use this checklist as a guide to closing 2021.

#1: Eliminate stale goals and make a fresh list for next year.

We all have endless to-do lists. After a year of hustling, you might find that your list has grown too long. However, some goals may no longer be relevant. So, use the yearend as an opportunity to evaluate your goals. Out with the old, in with the new! Remove outdated tasks. Add new goals and challenge yourself to exceed your achievements in the past year.

#2: Don’t let your budget go to waste, put it to good use now.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — for a good reason. You’ll find plenty of valuable deals everywhere, and yes, they’re not just for gift-givers.

If you’ve been planning to subscribe to new plans, take up IT initiatives or get add-ons for a while now, the yearend is your chance to make it happen. Prices typically take a hike every New Year so the best time to lock in more affordable rates is at yearend.

If you still have remaining funds from 2021, maximize your budget by looking into no-code development. Caspio provides everything you need to build powerful database applications, all by clicking, not coding.

Save a significant amount of your end-of-year IT budget by renewing or locking in plans at this time of the year. Prices typically increase in the New Year.

Also, be sure to determine other opportunities to save.

Take a good look at expenses in the past year. You might discover that you’re spending too much on subscriptions that are no longer relevant to your business or legacy systems that you rarely use. Then, redirect the cost savings to expenses that actually make a difference for your business, such as new digital tools or marketing campaigns.

#3: Invest in yourself and your employees.   

Learning and certification programs prepare you and your employees for the year ahead. Take advantage of the holiday break by signing up for training programs. Improve your skills in in-demand areas like digital transformation, leadership, sales and marketing.  

Want to elevate your career? Become an expert at building business applications using the Caspio no-code platform. Check out the Caspio certification program.

#4: Make a change to your work environment.

We’ve all been working from home this past year, and sometimes our environment can feel a bit dull or uninspiring. Take advantage of the yearend to spruce up your home office. It can be as simple as adding a plant or a new poster on the wall. Declutter your work area. You can also upgrade to a sit-stand desk or a more ergonomic chair.

#5: Send holiday greetings to your business contacts.

Businesses rely on relationships, and the yearend is an excellent time to nurture those important connections. Extend the holiday cheer to your employees, prospects, customers, business partners, vendors and other connections. Let them know you’re thankful for their business and you’re looking forward to another year of helping each other grow.

Take a Break and Conquer 2022

Use this checklist to prepare your business and yourself so you can enjoy the holidays and still start the new year with confidence.

But also, remember that rest is essential for growth.

Schedule some time for yourself during the yearend break. Whether it’s going for long walks or grabbing a book to enjoy, make sure you take care of yourself. It’s time to unwind and reflect. Take that much-needed break and return in 2022 feeling refreshed and ready to crush your goals!

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