The rise of empowered customers demanding high-value services and digital experiences should push IT-savvy business professionals to adopt technology that responds to their requirements. However, not everyone is equipped with technologies and capabilities that are built to adapt to these disruptions. In this evolving digital ecosystem, one minute you’re up to date and the next you’re falling behind your competitors.

Worried you’re on the brink of falling behind? One way to transform your business into a dynamic digital enterprise is through low-code development. Analysts view low-code as one of the best emerging technologies to look forward to through 2020. It’s an industry that is exploding; analysts predict that it will grow from $4.32 billion in 2015 to $24.23 billion by 2022. This forecast is a testament to the proven track record of low-code development in streamlining business operations and boosting efficiency.

Low-code’s visual-based framework and model-based design replace the long and tedious process of traditional hand-coding methods. It enables business professionals to create applications that are customized to the needs of an organization with minimal spending on infrastructure, deployment and maintenance.

From Forrester’s report, you can see how a Spanish insurance provider took less than four months to build a web channel and administration system, which had an estimated project completion of 2.7 years if done through conventional coding methods. Meanwhile, a call center operator deployed a customer-specific application four times faster through low-code solutions.

As you amplify your company’s existing technology with low-code development, you not only meet the already incessant demands of empowered customers; you’re also better equipped to face a rapidly-changing business environment.

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