Caspio-Data-Transfer-UpdateIn most Caspio plans, data transfer is the primary metric to measure platform usage. Since all plans provide free unlimited users for applications, data transfer is a relatively straight-forward method for this purpose.

To reduce constraints during the development and day-to-day data management of your online database applications, we are changing the way we calculate account data transfer.

Effective November 1, 2015, any data transfer incurred by account users within Caspio accounts is free and therefore no longer calculated toward your monthly data transfer. This change is automatic and you are not required to do anything.

Here are examples of account data transfer that are now effectively unlimited:

  • All interactive importing and exporting of data and apps. This includes all user-initiated import/export, but does not include DataHub activities.
  • All uploading and downloading files within the account.
  • All development activities such as creating and editing DataPages and other objects within the account.

This policy change applies to all plans. We hope that this change will encourage you to explore the platform more freely and apply Caspio-powered applications to more business activities.

Additionally, if you have a significant number of non-sensitive files and images in your applications, please be aware that our FileStor CDN feature automatically transfers your files and images to edge servers around the world with one click. Not only does this improve the performance of your applications, it also provides free data transfer for those files. Learn more about Caspio FileStor CDN.

Stay tuned for other exciting changes to be announced in the coming months – all designed to improve your overall experience and maximize the value you receive from Caspio.

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