I read this morning that Samsung has sold more than three million units of its Galaxy Note II mini tablet in its first month on the market. Impressive. And, I am hearing of long lines in major cities (while not as huge as expected) for people eager to get their hands on the iPad Mini. And I’m sure we’ve all seen the various ads for new ultra-book tablet PCs. Simply put, the tablet is quickly becoming part of our personal and professional lives.

As more and more individuals look to use tablets of all shapes and sizes – especially on the job – this is forcing a re-thinking of how we build, deploy and design business and other web apps. The mobility factor means we must integrate geo-location tools in innovative ways. As work and personal lives blend in this new format, we need to allow simple, effective login and credentialing via sites like Facebook.

At Caspio, we understand the new challenges facing both small and large businesses as we enter this exciting new phase in technology. To better equip our customers with the right tools to build modern, powerful apps – we have a slew of extensions and tools available at no additional charge that add mobility, social integration, and other features to your custom apps.

We will continue to highlight some simple, yet effective uses of these extensions in upcoming blogs and webinars to give new and existing customers more tips and tricks in enhancing their apps. And if you have a specific project in mind and are looking for some expert guidance, Caspio experts are on hand to help.

We are truly in a new age in terms of how we work, and how we access and share the information powering our business lives. The cloud, mobility, and social media are forcing fast changes. Luckily, new cloud platforms are making it easier than ever to stay on top of this rapidly evolving universe.

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