We are excited to announce the immediate availability of Caspio’s new service, High Usage FileStor.

This add-on service is designed to provide additional flexibility for files in your apps.  When a file is uploaded to your designated database via a web form, the file is immediately transferred to our cloud file storage service. A new URL to the file is inserted in the field in your database table so the file is available for your application to display, download, update or replace.
Get More Cloud File Storage with Caspio FileStor

Top Benefits:

  1. Significant reduction in your account data transfer. Downloading or utilizing the files from the FileStor are essentially free and are not counted against your package data transfer usage.
  2. Reduced storage requirement. While we recommend keeping the original copy of the file in your database, you can choose to have it deleted from the table once transferred to the FileStor to free up your account storage space.
  3. Performance improvement of file-heavy apps. Since files and images are transferred directly from the cloud file space rather than from the database table, they load faster.

Reasons for not using this service:
High Usage FileStor is a web space that is publically accessible. In theory, all files on this space are available for anyone to see, bookmark and share. While we give you options to make these files hard to reach, you must assume that they are accessible to everyone. Use this service for non-sensitive files, such as photos of real estate listings, car listings, public records, some user generated content, etc.

Learn more:
This service is an optional add-on and may be enabled for any package by a Caspio Support Engineer. We will need specific information in order to customize this service for your app. Learn more about setup and pricing in our Extensions Library.

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