Imagine picking up the phone, talking to your assigned project manager and immediately tapping into a team of experts who can turn your application ideas into reality.

Well, say hello to Caspio Managed Application Services.

We know from first-hand experience that business leaders face a lot of technology challenges that inhibit their growth. Under constant pressure to accelerate innovation, technical resources remain scarce at best. Project backlogs keep getting longer, and meanwhile, many brilliant ideas stagnate on the back-burner.

That’s where we come in.

Bridging the Gap Between Ideas and Innovation

We bring our extensive experience, agile processes and rapid development platform together in a complete, turnkey service that makes it easy for you to execute and innovate.

With Caspio Managed Application Services (MAS), all you need to do is tell us your ideas and objectives, what success looks like to you, and our application specialists will do the heavy-lifting. We partner with you to understand your business goals and provide a comprehensive team of technical resources to fulfill your custom application requirements.

Caspio Managed Application Services bridges ideas with innovation
TURNKEY SERVICE: Caspio Managed Application Services bridges the gap so you can transform your ideas into innovative applications.

You will gain access to all the resources and services you need for all phases of your application creation — from planning, database design, architecture, development, project management, testing and deployment, user training, and ongoing maintenance and upkeep. 

Our approach allows you to stay focused on your priorities while avoiding the risks and cost of in-house developers.

How It Works

Here’s how Caspio MAS empowers you to innovate:

  • Single Point of Contact – You’ll be assigned a single point of contact who knows the intricacies of your applications and champions your project goals. This will be your “go-to” person to understand your needs, brainstorm ideas, collaborate on requirements and provide immediate feedback.
  • On-Demand Expertise – Through your point of contact, you’ll be connected with the right resources at the right time. Whether you need to address process automation, user experience, integration or compliance, your team will get the job done.
  • Agile Development – Your applications will be built using an agile methodology, which is structured around 2-week iterations called “sprints” that deliver fast, high-quality results. With frequent touchpoints, you can quickly pivot or redirect resources to address changing priorities.
  • Continuous Innovation – Caspio not only maintains your applications, we continuously enhance them. With frequent iterations and improvements, you’ll be able to respond to market demands faster and deliver results that transform your business operations.
Caspio MAS uses a collaborative application development approach
OUR PROCESS: We provide ongoing collaboration using a results-driven approach throughout the entire application development lifecycle.

Customer Spotlight: National Coatings & Supplies

Like many businesses, National Coatings & Supplies (NCS) was grappling with incompatible legacy systems, data silos and limited IT resources when they found Caspio. 

Despite this, Tim Briggs, Executive Director of Continuous Improvement, was able to launch his first application within a month by partnering with Caspio. He credits Caspio’s team of experts, especially his project manager Savitha Anjanappa, for his success.

“Caspio has been phenomenal. I can call them and explain the most complex things, and the next day I get an email back saying, ‘This was your problem and here is your solution.’ Wow, you have to have that,” Briggs said.

CUSTOMER SUCCESS: Caspio Managed Application Services empowers NCS to deliver purpose-built solutions.

Start Innovating Today

Caspio Managed Application Services is simply the fastest, most effective way to build powerful applications on Caspio. Talk to our experts and learn how to unlock the value of Caspio MAS for your business.

Caspio MAS Intro Offer Caspio MAS Intro Offer